Netherlands, What to visit

What To visit In The Netherlands

In the old world, in the northwestern of Europe there is a lovely country, Netherlands, wrongly named Holland like two of its provinces, this country which became The Kingdom of Netherlands in 1815, is well known for its painters, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, windmills, clogs, notoriously flat lands, tulips, liberal mentality and more.


This is an amazing country, with very nice people, they have a welcoming attitude to travellers and it is really a pleasure to visit them, they have a modern and tolerant society with a very high life quality, awesome cities and beautiful landscapes, its culture is very rich with plenty of museum and historic places to visit.


Top places to visit in Netherlands


There are many incredible places, historic, landscapes, cities, museums and much more, here are some places you can’t miss when you travel to Netherlands.


Gouda, this name is surely familiar to you and you´re right, this city is famous for cheese, besides it is a typical Dutch city with many old buildings to enjoy a wonderful view.


Rotterdam is the most modern city with a classic appearance, has many historic districts and you definitely must visit the museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.


Groningen is a University city, there are two Colleges there, this city has many different museums and an awesome night life.


Keukenhof, this is an amazing and stunning place you need to see at least once in your lifetime, known as Garden of Europe, is an amazing and huge park with gardens, lakes and more, it covers an area of 32 hectares, and is full of many flowers including the famous tulips, this park opens from March to May, and the best month to see tulips is April.


The Hague, this city is the third largest city of Netherlands, the place where royal residence and government headquarters are, also 150 international organisms are located there, including The International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, Europol, Permanent Court of Arbitration among others, but besides that, this city has the contemporary art exhibit at Gemeentemuseum Den Hagg, international art galleries and the miniature city Ma


Even if Netherlands is not a very religious country, there are some buildings worth to be seen like the gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin in the awesome city of Utrecht or Saint Servatius Church and Saint Jan´s Cathedral in Maastricht.


Leiden, this is a lovely city with tree-lined canals, windmills, beautiful architecture of 16th century and many museums.


Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands it is widely known for its party atmosphere, it is a city really worth to be visited with many attractions, museums, shops and more.


Netherlands is a very developed country with very good services, however accidents and unexpected events happens everywhere, if you rent a car during your visit, you should find a good tow truck service, in internet you can find the appropriate service company just as you can do it in USA for example

Ways to travel in europe, the cheapest ones!

Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe

There are cheaper places to visit in the world, but the opportunity to travel around Europe is absolutely wonderful and everyone should experience it at least once in their life.
In addition, there are many ways to reduce expenses and travel in Europe for a fraction of its normal price.

Let’s analyze some of the cheapest ways to travel and give our minds a well-deserved rest.

Mega Bus

The cheapest option to travel. At the moment, the Mega Bus covers only the United Kingdom and some nearby Western European countries, but the price does not offer any discussion. A trip can cost 1.50 euros. There is nothing cheaper than the Mega Bus if you want to travel to Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels.

Share trips

There are numerous sites on the internet such as Bla Bla Car that offer hitchhiking trips through Europe for the payment of little more than the price of gasoline. Normally these offers are found on internet sites where people post the destination of their trips.

Eurail Pass

If you have limited time and want to move quickly, Eurail is the best option, offering a variety of passes to cover almost any need.
You can choose between regional passes, global passes (for each country) or a “custom pass”. One of the great advantages of Eurail to travel around Europe is the amount of freedom it offers you.


This is a very popular means of transportation among backpackers. Busabout established routes across Europe, and many of your passes let you go up and down whenever you want.

There are more than 33 stops that cover most of the most well-known places, as well as some more isolated cities. One of the biggest advantages of Busabout is that you see the same people all the time. This allows you to meet other travelers and even develop lasting friendships with them.

Low cost airlines

Using low cost airlines can be the best way to travel around Europe with a limited budget. Some airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air and some others, compete with each other for offering the cheapest flight rates in Europe.


International bus service in Europe. Operated by different European transport companies for international travel. The countries of Europe have national buses, but to travel through Europe, it is not the best option.
As a general rule, bus trips are always the cheapest way to travel around Europe.

Italy, things you must see before you die

Italy Things You Must See

There’s so much to say about Italy that words won’t be enough to describe the awesomeness of this country. History envelopes it as it was the cradle of the Roman Empire, architecture and art in general combines the classic and more modern styles, and let’s not get started with Italian cuisine, the most delicious food we can find around the world has its bases here. But there are many things to do if you’re planning a trip to the boot-shaped country. “Where to start?”, “Will I have enough time?” And such questions will come to your mind, but don’t worry. Follow the read to find out the things you must do in Italy before you die.

First, you might want to visit one of the few landlocked sovereign states of the world and take a pilgrimage to the Vatican City, one of the most important religious places in the world. It can only be accessed by if you’re in Rome, so this city can be the start spot to an amazing trip around this beautiful country.

If you’re still in Rome, you have to take a walk through the city and find yourself with one of the most famous landmarks of Europe and the world, the Coliseum. This amazing ancient theater is the synonym of greatness, spectacles and history as it was the convergence spot of the Roman society to watch violent shows in order to feel entertained, after that, you can visit the Roman Forum, an incredible complex that once was the headquarters of the glorious Empire that once stood there.

Now that you’ve already thrown a coin on the Trevi Fountain, you can take a quick trip to Naples. This city that once was the home of Diego Maradona’s magic football is also the home of the best pizzas in the world. There’s no pizza that can compare to the one cooked there, the city were this recipe was born to be loved by the rest of the world.

Even a non-religious person will be happy to visit the outstanding churches that have their foundations in Italy in a sort of architecture admiring pilgrimage, one of them, the St. Mark’s Basilica, the resting site of the evangelist located in Venice, a city where you can take an unforgettable ride through its canals while sitting on a gondola. Another outstanding church is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, a building with an outstanding dome that leaves any architecture lover speechless. The Milan Cathedral, the biggest one in the country, is a must see; its construction lasted for six centuries, but once you enter, you’ll see all that time was worth it.

You have to take a quick trip to Pisa and see another of the most famous landmarks in the world. The leaning tower will leave you astonished and will make you eager to take a photo and appear as if you were holding it.

There are many more things to do, so go on your trip soon!

Top 4 places you must visit in Europe

This continent has the feature of being the place where an immense amount of clashes between advanced civilizations led them to praise the human greatness since military power was not the only way to show power, but a developed society incredible art masterpieces could do it as well. This ancient strife has left the world an incredible amount of cities with outstanding landmarks, places to have fun and history from we could learn a few things. So don’t miss this chance to go through the best 4 places to visit in Europe.


As one of the most important port cities in all Europe, Bordeaux has a great balance between modernity and classic influence. It hosts the Musee d’Aquitaine and the Musee des Beaux Arts which hold the best exhibitions of French history outside Paris and a great gallery expanded during the Napoleonic Wars respectively. Visit the Bordeaux Cathedral to get astonished by the details put to the façade and the great collection of religious artifacts. Last but not least, take a walk through La Place de la Bours by the Garonne River and feel the magic of the Miroir d’Eau.


It’s always great to visit a city that hosted the summer Olympic Games and even greater when that city is the birthplace of the well known Oktoberfest. Here you can learn about science in the Deutsches Museum which is apt for all family members. For the adults, there’s the Hofbrauhaus, a legendary brewery that’s been famous since 1589 when Munich was a Royalty. Off course, you cannot leave Munich without having a walk through the Marienplatz where the city hall’s architecture will make you want to take a thousand pictures and having diner in the Glockenspiel will make your taste buds feel in heaven.


Portugal is one of the countries that hold the best wines around the world. Alentejo is one of the biggest regions dedicated to wine production with a cultivation area of 22000 hectares with an amount of producers that reach more than 200. This region is home to a lot of festivals that celebrate enoculture such as Festa da Vinha e do Vino in the city of Borba or the Vitifrades in Vila de Frades.

Take a visit to the city of Redondo and get amazed by the Museu do Vinho and the Enoteca, places where you will find a lot more about the history of this amazing Portuguese region and its love for wine.


Famous all over the world, this vast Italian region is a nature blessing. Its diversity holds beaches, lagoons and hills that are perfect ground to grape farming. Tuscany is full of history, from being the best lands under Villanovan, Etruscan and Roman dominance, to being the birthplace of Fibonacci, Dante, Da Vinci, Machiavelli and many others. Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful and magnificent Florence Cathedral in the region capital, the lean tower in Pisa or the sunflower fields in Maremma.

Start packing! Europe awaits you!