Top 4 places you must visit in Europe

This continent has the feature of being the place where an immense amount of clashes between advanced civilizations led them to praise the human greatness since military power was not the only way to show power, but a developed society incredible art masterpieces could do it as well. This ancient strife has left the world an incredible amount of cities with outstanding landmarks, places to have fun and history from we could learn a few things. So don’t miss this chance to go through the best 4 places to visit in Europe.


As one of the most important port cities in all Europe, Bordeaux has a great balance between modernity and classic influence. It hosts the Musee d’Aquitaine and the Musee des Beaux Arts which hold the best exhibitions of French history outside Paris and a great gallery expanded during the Napoleonic Wars respectively. Visit the Bordeaux Cathedral to get astonished by the details put to the façade and the great collection of religious artifacts. Last but not least, take a walk through La Place de la Bours by the Garonne River and feel the magic of the Miroir d’Eau.


It’s always great to visit a city that hosted the summer Olympic Games and even greater when that city is the birthplace of the well known Oktoberfest. Here you can learn about science in the Deutsches Museum which is apt for all family members. For the adults, there’s the Hofbrauhaus, a legendary brewery that’s been famous since 1589 when Munich was a Royalty. Off course, you cannot leave Munich without having a walk through the Marienplatz where the city hall’s architecture will make you want to take a thousand pictures and having diner in the Glockenspiel will make your taste buds feel in heaven.


Portugal is one of the countries that hold the best wines around the world. Alentejo is one of the biggest regions dedicated to wine production with a cultivation area of 22000 hectares with an amount of producers that reach more than 200. This region is home to a lot of festivals that celebrate enoculture such as Festa da Vinha e do Vino in the city of Borba or the Vitifrades in Vila de Frades.

Take a visit to the city of Redondo and get amazed by the Museu do Vinho and the Enoteca, places where you will find a lot more about the history of this amazing Portuguese region and its love for wine.


Famous all over the world, this vast Italian region is a nature blessing. Its diversity holds beaches, lagoons and hills that are perfect ground to grape farming. Tuscany is full of history, from being the best lands under Villanovan, Etruscan and Roman dominance, to being the birthplace of Fibonacci, Dante, Da Vinci, Machiavelli and many others. Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful and magnificent Florence Cathedral in the region capital, the lean tower in Pisa or the sunflower fields in Maremma.

Start packing! Europe awaits you!