Ways to travel in europe, the cheapest ones!

Cheapest Ways To Travel Europe

There are cheaper places to visit in the world, but the opportunity to travel around Europe is absolutely wonderful and everyone should experience it at least once in their life.
In addition, there are many ways to reduce expenses and travel in Europe for a fraction of its normal price.

Let’s analyze some of the cheapest ways to travel and give our minds a well-deserved rest.

Mega Bus

The cheapest option to travel. At the moment, the Mega Bus covers only the United Kingdom and some nearby Western European countries, but the price does not offer any discussion. A trip can cost 1.50 euros. There is nothing cheaper than the Mega Bus if you want to travel to Amsterdam, Paris or Brussels.

Share trips

There are numerous sites on the internet such as Bla Bla Car that offer hitchhiking trips through Europe for the payment of little more than the price of gasoline. Normally these offers are found on internet sites where people post the destination of their trips.

Eurail Pass

If you have limited time and want to move quickly, Eurail is the best option, offering a variety of passes to cover almost any need.
You can choose between regional passes, global passes (for each country) or a “custom pass”. One of the great advantages of Eurail to travel around Europe is the amount of freedom it offers you.


This is a very popular means of transportation among backpackers. Busabout established routes across Europe, and many of your passes let you go up and down whenever you want.

There are more than 33 stops that cover most of the most well-known places, as well as some more isolated cities. One of the biggest advantages of Busabout is that you see the same people all the time. This allows you to meet other travelers and even develop lasting friendships with them.

Low cost airlines

Using low cost airlines can be the best way to travel around Europe with a limited budget. Some airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryan Air and some others, compete with each other for offering the cheapest flight rates in Europe.


International bus service in Europe. Operated by different European transport companies for international travel. The countries of Europe have national buses, but to travel through Europe, it is not the best option.
As a general rule, bus trips are always the cheapest way to travel around Europe.