Netherlands, What to visit

What To visit In The Netherlands

In the old world, in the northwestern of Europe there is a lovely country, Netherlands, wrongly named Holland like two of its provinces, this country which became The Kingdom of Netherlands in 1815, is well known for its painters, like Rembrandt and Van Gogh, windmills, clogs, notoriously flat lands, tulips, liberal mentality and more.


This is an amazing country, with very nice people, they have a welcoming attitude to travellers and it is really a pleasure to visit them, they have a modern and tolerant society with a very high life quality, awesome cities and beautiful landscapes, its culture is very rich with plenty of museum and historic places to visit.


Top places to visit in Netherlands


There are many incredible places, historic, landscapes, cities, museums and much more, here are some places you can’t miss when you travel to Netherlands.


Gouda, this name is surely familiar to you and you´re right, this city is famous for cheese, besides it is a typical Dutch city with many old buildings to enjoy a wonderful view.


Rotterdam is the most modern city with a classic appearance, has many historic districts and you definitely must visit the museum Boijmans Van Beuningen.


Groningen is a University city, there are two Colleges there, this city has many different museums and an awesome night life.


Keukenhof, this is an amazing and stunning place you need to see at least once in your lifetime, known as Garden of Europe, is an amazing and huge park with gardens, lakes and more, it covers an area of 32 hectares, and is full of many flowers including the famous tulips, this park opens from March to May, and the best month to see tulips is April.


The Hague, this city is the third largest city of Netherlands, the place where royal residence and government headquarters are, also 150 international organisms are located there, including The International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court, Europol, Permanent Court of Arbitration among others, but besides that, this city has the contemporary art exhibit at Gemeentemuseum Den Hagg, international art galleries and the miniature city Ma


Even if Netherlands is not a very religious country, there are some buildings worth to be seen like the gothic Cathedral of Saint Martin in the awesome city of Utrecht or Saint Servatius Church and Saint Jan´s Cathedral in Maastricht.


Leiden, this is a lovely city with tree-lined canals, windmills, beautiful architecture of 16th century and many museums.


Amsterdam, the capital city of Netherlands it is widely known for its party atmosphere, it is a city really worth to be visited with many attractions, museums, shops and more.


Netherlands is a very developed country with very good services, however accidents and unexpected events happens everywhere, if you rent a car during your visit, you should find a good tow truck service, in internet you can find the appropriate service company just as you can do it in USA for example